Best Practices of the College

Best Practice-01

·         Title of the PracticeTeachers’ e-empowerment

·         Objectives of the Practice - Teachers be enabled to make use of hardware, software and web applications

·         The Context - Teachers these days are required to prepare documents with regards to preparation of their Academic Planning, continuous internal assessment, preparation of instructional materials, mark sheets, attendance records etc All the above involves certain degrees of repetitive work and hence requires minimization of recurring work – which can be done by way of effective use of customized software (Learning Management System). 

·         The Practice - The college provides the teachers with appropriate software and encourages them to make use of such software

·         Problems Encountered

·         Initial resistance amongst the teachers

·         Resources Required

·         One time fund requirement for system development

·         Training/Re-training of teachers

·         Evidence of success

·         Teachers getting encouraged to make use of computer and software 

Best Practice-02

·         Title of the PracticeEnvironment Consciousness

·         Objectives of the Practice - In the changing global scenario every citizen and every stakeholder of the college needs to be made aware about sustainable development with conservation of greenery.

·         The Context

Situated in the district of Bankura, Jamini Roy College, Beliatore, boasts of a splendid campus with lots of greenery including eucalyptus trees, mango trees and other trees like Krishnachura, Radhachura etc. The shades of the spreading branches of the large Krishnachura, Radhachura and Mango trees keep the campus cool. Every year on the occasion of Tree Plantationduring the Monsoon season, students and staff plant saplings as a part of tree plantation programme organized by the institution through the NSS wing.Also, care is taken to ensure that the college environment has low levels of carbon emission and low pollution levels so that the campus is healthy for all. Every department follows a policy of switching on power only when required and switching off when not in use. All electrical and electronic gadgets are constantly monitored to keep them in satisfactory working condition so that there is no energy wastage. Almost all the computer monitors in use are either LED, LCD or TFT types to ensure minimum usage of electricity and also to reduce the level of radiation. The use of plastic bags is avoided in the campus and the authority has declared the entire campus as "No Plastic Zone". Students and staff are motivated to use jute bags or cotton bags. The college is declared as "No Smoking Zone". 

·         Evidence of Success

·         a. Tree Plantation is performed every year

·         b. Campaigning for No Plastic Zone by both staff and students

·        c. The campus is full of greenery

·        d. Various birds and small animals like squirrels may be found in the campus

Best Practice-03

·         Title of the Practice – Continuous Internal Assessment

·         Objectives of the Practice

·            Continuous Internal Assessment based on Multiple Choice Questions – teachers have prepared question banks for regular assessment – aiming to make the students regular in their classes and also to discourage the practice of rote learning.

·         The Context

·            Students, in general these days are observed to remain absent in classes and take tuition from private tutors wherein they receive suggestions and notes. The students memorize the notes and write such notes in the examinations to pass. This disables the students to apply their mind to problems which in turn reduces their self belief.

·            The teachers therefore aim at involving their students in formative assessment through continuous internal assessment for which question banks of MCQ type such that the students are made to come to classes and learn the subject in between the lines.

·         The Practice

·            The IQAC has appreciated the practice of Continuous Internal Assessment which helps them to keep record of

·         Monthly Test Schedule

·         Question Banks of objective type

·         Attendance Record

·         Monthly Test Records

·         Instructional Materials


·         Problems Encountered  and Resources Required

o    Problem – Initial hesitancy and lack of interest amongst students.

o    Human Resource – Training/Retraining of teachers.

·         Evidence of success

o    Repetitive work getting minimized.

o    Teachers’ e-empowerment on the rise.

o    Culture of formative assessment is surfacing.