Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct for Students

1.      Discipline and punctuality are most important for the students. It is mandatory to maintain the discipline and punctuality for all students inside the college premises. Break of such discipline is liable to be punished as desired by the authority.

2.      Useless loitering in the classrooms, corridors, office rooms, library, and other places of the premises is strictly prohibited.

3.      Noisy conversations and shrill voices creating hindrance to the cultivation of academic and official affairs, quarrelling, and indulgence in any untoward incidents in the campus are also prohibited. Students found guilty of any of the aforementioned offences are liable to be punished as the college authority desires.

4.      Students found guilty of any damage, ravage, wastage, misuse or loss of any property, assets, appliances of the college, individually or collectively, shall be penalised according to the degree of offence.

5.      Major violation of discipline or delinquency in the college by the student shall invite outright restriction from the college without any notice.

6.      The grievances of the students, if any, may be reached to the grievance redressal box available in the college office or may be reached to the Principal. However, any attempt to create chaos by false or baseless allegation of any sort by the student individually or collectively is strongly discouraged and may be treated as penal offence, if the authority desires.

7.      Students are not allowed to enter the protected zone like laboratory, college office, Principal’s Chamber, Staff Room, etc. without proper permission.

8.      Male students are not allowed to enter the Girls’ Common Room in any case.

9.      Students must maintain the law and order, peace, silence, cordial relation, and respect for the institution for inculcating the proper academic atmosphere of the institute.

10.  Creating nuisance in any sort in the college premises is a penal offence and liable to be punished as directed by the authority.

11.  Entering the college premises with valid identity card duly signed by the Principal/ Teacher-in-Charge is mandatory.

12.  Ragging is strictly forbidden in the college. If anyone is found guilty of ragging shall be punished according to the Court of Law.