Welcome to Jamini Roy College

Accredited by NAAC 'B' Grade
Jamini Roy College was established in 1986 after the name of world-renowned Indian painter Jamini Roy who has glorified the land Beliatore, a suburban area of Bankura district. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Modern Art in India who has unfolded new vistas in Indian Painting by combining Folk Art forms with the modern spirit of individualism and experimentation. This college had its inception under the University of Burdwan. Presently, it is affiliated to Bankura University and is managed by a democratically constituted statutory Governing Body as per the guideline of Higher Education Directorate, Govt. of West Bengal. This college continues to hold its individual imprint in the world of academia by producing successful students with immense possibilities over the years.
Though our College is mainly located on the outskirts of the town and students are mostly from underprivileged backgrounds, our goal is to cultivate their strengths as well as improve their weaknesses with advanced knowledge possible by keeping in mind the growing demand for competitiveness in higher education. In spite of systemic and infrastructural challenges we are committed to impart an effective teaching learning environment so to serve our society and nation at large.
Many distinguished personalities and people have contributed and extended their hand for our college’s growth and enhancement in achieving desired rank of excellence and continue to do so. To name a few, Lt. Dr. Khudiram Das (an eminent scholar and Professor), the neighbouring Institution, the Beliatore High School etc. can be noted with regard.