IQAC Goals


 To ensure accountability, transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in existing teaching-learning and evaluation process.

·         To remove bottlenecks inherent to the existing systems through adaptation of modern technology and training programmes.

·         To repair, renovate and supplement the existing infrastructure with necessary amenities, commensurate with the advancement in teaching-learning process.

·         To modernize and expand students support services.

·         To emphasize on ICT and e-resources in the teaching-learning process.

·         To emphasize on extra-curricular and extension activities to develop inner talents of the students.

·         To ensure accountability and transparency in administration, finance and accounts, college office, library, and hostels.

·         To maintain greenness, cleanliness and discipline in the college campus.


 To expand the college by introducing feasible new subjects, Honours courses and Post-Graduation Programmes.

·         To develop and modernize infrastructure and services commensurate with the future expansion.

·         To introduce courses/programmes that enable students from learning to earning.