Initiative of IQAC

Achievements or Implementation by IQAC-JRC
1) Creation of new seminar hall
2) Purchase of computerized feedback system for students
3) Purchase of software for teachers (teaching aid software)
4) Revamp of college website
5) Organization of seminars
6) Introduction of teaching-learning methods other than chalk & talk a) use of ICT b) students’ 
seminar c) group discussion d) debate 
7) Wall magazine
8) Inter-departmental inter-disciplinary courses
9) Opening of gymnasium & hiring of instructor in college
10) Smart class 
11) SMS communication system with teachers & non-teaching staff only (not students yet)
12) Computer centre/laboratory created for use by students and teachers free of charge
13) Teachers & staff of the college can learn computers free of charge at the WEBEL computer 
14) Language lab has been created in the computer centre/laboratory itself
15) Office is partially automated with use of ICT 
16) IQAC room is revamped with eye on NAAC Peer Team Visit
17) Principal’s chamber is revamped 
18) Girls’ common room is revamped
19) Boys’ common room is revamped
20) Computer facilities are partially revamped for all departments especially library
21) Career counseling cell is functioning and interacting with students after initial setback i.e. 
transfer of the teacher in charge of this cell (Prof. Siddhartha Biswas) to another college
22) Grievance redressal cell is functioning and interacting with students
23)  Anti Ragging cell is functioning and interacting with students
24) Sexual harassment cell is functioning and questionnaire has been prepared for girl students for 
their inputs
25) Alumni Association is functioning and has met several times
26) Gender Audit has been done with help from the Principal of Behala College, Kolkata
27) Library has been properly catalogued, automated and computerized 
28) INFLIBNET has been installed
29) Departmental meetings and initiatives have been documented to the fullest extent possible
30) College canteen has been revamped and expanded
31) Drinking water facilities have been provided for students with provision of cold water for 
32) Separate rooms for NCC, NSS & Students’ Union has been provided
33) Separate departmental cubicles have been provided for the departments of History, Sanskrit, 
English and Bengali beside the Computer Centre/Laboratory