Principal Desk


Dr.Pradip kumar Banerjee Principal


     Jamini Roy College is situated at Beliatore, within Bankura district, West Bengal. This village is the birth place of one of the world's greatest artists Sri Jamini Roy. Sri Jamini Roy is not only our inspiration but also one of the pioneers of modern Indian art. We are proud that the college bears his name. Jamini Roy College runs on Grants-in-Aid disbursed by the Government of West Bengal. We have been accredited by NAAC with Grade B (GPA 2.33) during the first cycle. This institution was established with only a few departments and students in 1986 and affiliated to the University of Burdwan. From 2017 it has been transferred to the jurisdiction of the newly set up Bankura University. Beliatore is a rural (Panchayat) area within one of the highly forested regions of West Bengal. Even though we are blessed with greenery, local population is mainly comprised of economically weaker sections of society. Thus, we feel there is a need to develop a social network and strong linkage with people through education. The college encourages spread of knowledge and value-based education amongst young minds. Thereby our students are empowered to build their careers with emphasis on all-round development. We firmly believe that this is required in the current global scenario.